Vacant spaces hold absent voices

Dialling drones sound across the fields


Mobile monoliths hover then detonate

Whilst the crystal satellites descend


Interference scrambles the grinning faces

And disconnection rings through our lives




A phone rings in a hallway.



‘Who’s calling?’

‘Is Mr Jones there?

        ‘No, there’s no-one of that name here.’


         ‘Hello… Hello?’



The process: ten swaps between us. Two sets of 10 drawings: one set developed with colour largely triggered by the blues on the originals, (and their translated digital prints), the others made with blacks and coloured greys. There is a strong narrative element, but it is one without a specific plot. The drawings reflect through the intuitive, accidental and manoeuvred mark making – and mark unmaking – a serious kind of unease.


Each image: drawing, mark-making, digital printmaking on fine art paper, 46.5cm square, 2015-16