An exhibition of drawing to accompany the- Drawing Conversations: reflecting upon collective and collaborative drawing practices symposium.

This exhibition along with the symposium, will consider the nature and characteristics of a range of drawing processes, which are enacted through collaboration and collective imaging.

This one-day symposium will consider the specifics and value of collective and collaborative drawing practices. The call for papers is focused on the following questions and themes:

What happens when we draw together? How is drawn conversation formed and understood?

How is the notion of the individual reshaped within a collective or collaborative drawing process?

The private and the public: how are issues of privacy explored through co-authorship?

Purpose and play

Real time drawing for audiences

Continuous drawing: physical or digital continuums

Drawing documents

Improvisation and re-interpretation.

(A one-day symposium on Friday 4th December 2015, at The Institute for Creative Enterprise, Coventry University Technology Park, Puma Way CV1 2NE, UK).

Symposium conveners: Jill Journeaux, Francis Lowe, Helen Gorrill, Andy Spackman.